Just about everybody has photographs. Today, most photos are taken digitally, but many of us have photos taken using film. We can work with your photos whether they are digital photos, slides, negatives, or prints.

Photo Restoration

Non-digital photos degrade over time. Prints suffer the worst, but slides and negatives suffer, too. We can scan your prints, slides, and negatives. We then can use digital image processing to restore the picures. The newly-restored photos (being digital images) will not degrade over time. You can print them, display them on your website, or just view them on your computer. If you do have a photo to restore, the best results usually will be realized by scanning the film (not the print).

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Photo Transfers

Do you have a collection of slides? If so, do you still have a working slide projector and screen (and the time and place to set up a slideshow)?

Do you have a bunch of pictures you want to use for a presentation on the World Wide Web or elsewhere?

We can scan your slides and other pictures, perform some corrective image processing, and transfer the resulting digital images to a CD for you. We also can put your digital images into a presentation for your website or onto a DVD to be played at home or at some special function.

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