Live Audio Recording

We started recording concerts in November of 2005. Up through 2019, we recorded two performances each year for the Wilbraham Choral Society, producing concert CDs for their Community Chorus (formerly the Wilbraham Mixed Chorus) and their Men's Glee Club. CD sales help to support the WCS, and the CDs are available for purchase at our on-line store.

We've also recorded performances and produced CDs for the Springfield Symphony Chorus, the Hampden-Wilbraham Regional School District (HWRSD), and various small music groups, bands, and orchestras. As we don't have arrangements to distribute their respective CDs, you'll need to contact those parties directly to get them.

Contact us to have your live performance recorded and mixed digitally to produce a concert CD. We can design and print CD covers and CD labels (printed directly onto the CD), and we can produce your CDs in quantity.