Audio Restoration

Perhaps you have some old records and/or tapes you'd like to have on CD. Unfortunately, much material is unavailable commercially in CD format. When material is available, often the music has been remixed and remastered—and usually not for the better! Did you know that your analog (non-digital) recordings wear a little every time you play them? Magnetic tape recordings degrade over time even when they're not being played! If the material is important to you, then you'll want a digital copy of it.

Fortunately, we can record digitally from old 33⅓-RPM discs, 45-RPM discs, 78-RPM discs, and cassette tapes. Once in the digital domain, we can process the sound recordings to remove or reduce clicks and pops and other noise (like tape hiss). The cleaned-up recordings then can be transferred to CDs that may be played in any standard CD player. Of course, they may be converted to MP3 and other audio formats, too.

We've been performing this kind of audio restoration since 1998. We have the hardware and software required, and we have the knowledge and experience to do the job well.

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