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Wilbraham Choral Society

Men's Glee Club - 2007

Raymond W. Drury, conductor / Marcia Jackson, pianist

[1] Let All Men Sing - Keith Christopher
[2] Sanctus (from Mass in F) - Schubert; trans. Drury
[3] The Seeds of Love - Folk Song; arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
Paul Knaplund, tenor; John Stuckenbruck, baritone.
[4] Loch Lomond - Scottish Air; arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
Frank Twyeffort, tenor.
[5] Jimmy Crack Corn - Folk Song; arr. Linda Spevacek
[6] Tenting on the Old Campground - Walter Kittredge; arr. Leonard Van Camp
Leo Morrissey, tenor; Jim Orenstein, baritone.
[7] The Navy Hymn - John B. Dykes, William Whiting, M. C. D. Hamilton; arr. Tom Scott
Donald Shaw, baritone.

Piano for Four Hands

Marcia Jackson, Todd Rovelli.

[8] Dolly Suite (First Two Movements) - Fauré

The Greytones

Frank Twyeffort, Leo Morrissey, tenor; Todd Rovelli, baritone; Ray Drury, bass.

[9] Blue and Sentimental - Count Basie
[10] Bye Bye Love - Felice and Boudleaux Bryant

Doo-Wop Quintet

Craig Dinnie, lead; Paul Knaplund, John Stuckenbruck, tenor; Jim Orenstein, baritone; Ray Drury, bass.

[11] In the Still of the Night - Fred Parris

Eight Salty Dogs

Leo Morrissey, Frank Twyeffort, Paul Knaplund, John Stuckenbruck, tenor;
Craig Dinnie, Todd Rovelli, baritone; Ray Drury, Doug Jackson, bass.

[12] SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song - Mark Harrison, Blaise Smith, Steve Hillenburg, Derek Drymon; arr. Ryan James

[13] Soon Ah Will Be Done - William L. Dawson
[14] Amazing Grace - American Melody; Words by John Newton; arr. Ed Lojesky
[15] (Ghost) Riders in the Sky - Stan Jones; arr. Kirby Shaw
[16] Sherry - Bob Gaudio; arr. Kirby Shaw
[17] The Impossible Dream (The Quest) - Joe Darion, Mitch Leigh; arr. John Leavitt
[18] Cape Cod Girls - Sea Chanty; arr. Emily Crocker